Set Top TV Box Set-top Box To Meet The Needs Of The Family Information

- May 11, 2017 -

 Set Top TV Box Digital Video Transformer (English: Set Top Box, referred to as STB), commonly referred to as set-top box or machine box, is a connection between the TV and external signal source equipment. It can be compressed digital signal into TV content, and displayed on the TV. The signal can come from cable, satellite antenna, set-top box

Broadband networks and terrestrial broadcasting. The contents received by the set-top box are in addition to the images and sounds that analog TV can provide, but also the ability to receive digital content, including electronic program guides, Internet pages, subtitles, and so on. Enabling users to view digital TV programs and set-top boxes on existing televisions

And through the network for interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities.

   Set Top TV Box Digital set-top box

Such as: (1) Electronic Program Guide (EPG). To provide users with an easy-to-use, user-friendly, quick access to a way to watch a program, a television program

    (2) high-speed data broadcasting. Can provide users with stock market, ticketing information, electronic newspapers, popular sites and other news

    (3) software online upgrade. Software online upgrades can be seen as one of the applications of data broadcasting. The data broadcasting server broadcasts the upgrade software according to the DVB data broadcasting standard, the set top box can recognize the software version number, receives the software when the version is different, and updates the software stored in the memory

    (4) Internet access and e-mail. Digital set-top boxes allow easy access to Internet access via built-in cable modems. Users can set up through the set-top box browser Internet, send e-mail. At the same time set-top box can also provide a variety of interfaces connected with the PC, with the PC and the Internet connection

    (5) conditional reception. Conditional access to the core is the set-top box scrambling and encryption, digital set-top box should have a descrambling and decryption function.

The new generation of set-top box function should include: ① receive broadcast analog TV and digital TV programs, ② high-speed access to the Internet, send and receive e-mail, ③ video on demand (VOD) and music on demand, ④ phone, video, , ⑤ connection VCR, VCD and other consumer electronics products, ⑥ e-shopping, ⑦ video games.

    Set Top TV Box Most of the set-top boxes currently used in the country are in the basic category, they can receive digital TV programs, but also can provide some applications such as e-government services. With the development of digital TV technology, digital TV with digital decoding capabilities have been available.

    Set Top TV Box IP technology to the rapid development of digital television has brought a huge threat, but in the short term due to the reasons for the network cost so that the two can only coexist and can not be replaced. Channel, because they can not meet the streaming media and other services, it is not entirely a DVB and IP into one of the STB. With the introduction and refinement of the MPEG-II and MPEG-IV dual-decode function chips, a set of integrated products consisting of DVB and IP will be a member of the family, connecting the home display device, computer and even other intelligence Equipment, to meet the needs of family information.

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