Car Air Purifier Car Air Purifier, Is Dedicated To Purify The Air In The Car PM2.5,

- May 15, 2017 -

Car Air Purifier Car air purifier, also known as car air purifier, car air purifier, is dedicated to purify the air in the car PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.), odor, bacteria and viruses Such as pollution of the air purification equipment.

  Car Air Purifier Car purifier is also called vehicle purifier or car air purifier, usually by the high voltage generation circuit negative ion generator, micro fan, air filter and other systems. Its working principle is as follows: the machine within the micro-fan (also known as the fan) to the car air circulation, pollution of the air through the machine PM2.5 filter and activated carbon filter after a variety of pollutants filter or adsorption, and then After the negative ion generator installed in the outlet (negative pressure in the negative ion generator), the air is continuously ionized, resulting in a large number of negative ions, sent by the micro-fan, the formation of negative ion air flow, to clean and purify the air.

  After the industrial revolution, many parts of the world to develop heavy industry,

    Car Air Purifier Leading to a drop in air quality that poses a serious threat to human health, including the famous "Los Angeles Photochemical Smoke Event". In order to improve air quality, in addition to the introduction of long-term air management policy, many research institutions are also active in the development of air purification technology, the first time for consumers to bring a healthy breathing experience. Of course, these techniques were not initially used in cars. Experienced a long period of time to change the concept, when people realize that the car air is also a serious pollution, specifically for the car's car air purification technology is gradually getting attention.

Many countries have strict control over air quality in the car. In this regard, on March 1, 2012, China has also introduced a "passenger car air quality evaluation guide", the release of the guide for the car air purification products in the domestic development has played a significant role in promoting. Not only domestic brands, many well-known foreign brands have also landed in the Chinese market.

   Filter type car air purifier can effectively purify the car's dust, formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria and other harmful substances.

   Electrostatic dust collector type air purifier is required to cooperate with other equipment in order to achieve efficient purification effect, because the electrostatic dust type car air purifier and can not completely absorb and eliminate the smell, can not completely decompose toxic chemical gas. At the same time, its purification effect and purification efficiency will increase with the accumulation of suspended particles decreased, the need to regularly clean the dust board to restore its effectiveness and efficiency, so the maintenance costs are higher.

    Car Air Purifier Ozone Car Air Purifier is the working principle is to produce ozone out to clean the air inside the air to achieve the effect of improving the air quality inside the vehicle. Although ozone has a certain effect on bacteria, especially for amines, nicotine, bacteria and so on. However, when using this type of vehicle air purifier, pay proper attention to the concentration of ozone in the compartment, because if the concentration of ozone is too high, will produce secondary pollution, harm to human health.

    The net ion group uses a net ion group generator to spray out a unique and safe net ion group to remove formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, odor and allergen, etc .; car special car technology, the use of Kangda effect, so that the net ion group arrived Every corner of the car, the purification does not leave the corner; use up to 17,500 hours need to change the ion generator.

   Car Air Purifier The principle of water filtration mainly simulates the natural rainfall process, usually when the rain will produce lightning, this time there will be a lot of ozone, the virus and bacteria in the air to kill, while the rain on the air particles in the wet Settle, so after the rain we breathe empty

Gas is very fresh and no pollution. Water filter Car air purifier is mainly through the turbo fan directly into the wind tank inside the silver ions and negative ions when the air sterilization, and then the air into the sink inside the wet settlement, and finally through the turbine exhaust pipe inside the sink The purified air is drained and the air is discharged because of the wet settling of the water, so the air contains a certain amount of water, which is equivalent to a natural air humidifier

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