The development trend of modern living landscape

- Jun 04, 2015 -

In recent years, with natural and architectural concept of intelligent people, Habitat landscape environment development of the emergence of new trends.

1. the "people-oriented" idea further. Since entering the 21st century, with the development of the Internet and the popularity of networking technology, social division between man and man to dig deeper, broader cooperation and more about the environment. People depend on water, electricity, news, mail, advertising, even computer-based work to get through, direct contacts and exchanges between people and people become more simple and sparse, people and society, and the environment is also becoming more separated. But at the same time to make people aware of the importance of face-to-face communication between people and people, more eager to return to nature, Miss Lane, Hutong, home and a small estate of humane kind of community life. Community, landscape planning and landscape design only with full respect for the natural, historical, cultural and geographical basis, combining the physical and aesthetic needs of different classes of people, in order to realize the "people-oriented" concept of real meaning.

2. pay more attention to the sharing of landscape environment of residential area. Well, ecological and healthy living environment, is to make each House receives a good landscape effect. So-called modern of people home landscape environment, should in planning Shi as to using existing of natural environment created artificial landscape, let people are can shared live district of environment resources, while both personal courtyard space of field sex and private sex, through borrowed various environment elements further rich residential of space level, for people and people Zhijian provides Exchange of places, to created quiet warm, and beautiful, and peace security of home environment.

3. emphasize and highlight the continuity of the living environment and landscape context. Residential environment culture construction in practice will focus more attention on human settlements located in the natural environment and local characteristics of the architectural landscape, mining and refining and developing the historical and cultural traditions of the region, taking into account the environmental and cultural richness, diversity and continuity, which UN-Habitat has a higher cultural taste and characteristics of landscape environment.

4. the diversified development of the environmental art. Habitat community landscape design are increasingly concerned about the aesthetic needs of people rising, showing artistic, diverse trends. Shaping of the landscape not only for "delightful", but pay more attention to "natural" as possible to create a natural, comfortable, intimate and pleasant landscape, modern, intelligent, green and energy-efficient living environment, between man and landscape, one organic integration with the environment, the landscape and the environment.

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